Our Solution

Low-carbon Building Heating and Cooling for Year-round Comfort and Well-being

We offer a long-lasting, safe, and stable solution for different types of buildings ranging from offices to hospitality and factory settings.

From commercialized solutions for single buildings to customized solutions for campuses and from existing building retrofits to new developments, Celsius Energy offers optimized solutions to meet the heating and cooling needs of all building types.

Celsius Energy provides end-to-end customized building heating and cooling solutions utilizing geoenergy.

Here’s How.

After thorough pre-assessment and planning, we engineer a geoenergy solution comprising:

  • Geothermal heat exchanger
  • Connected heat pump
  • Digital control

The pyramid-shaped geothermal heat exchanger reduces surface footprint while optimizing thermal production.

The heat pump transfers calories between the subsurface and your building, supplying consistent, thermal comfort year-round.

Smart, digital control and automation deliver real-time visualizations of geoenergy delivered, CO2 emissions reduced and energy costs lessened.


Our geothermal energy system is powered by a ground source heat pump consisting of three key elements:

Geothermal Energy Exchanger
Circulating heat transfer fluid carries calories (aka – energy in the form of heat) between the Earth and the building, delivering them to where and when needed. Our technological innovation drastically reduces surface footprint to just a few square meters.

Heat Pump
Exchanges calories stored throughout the summer with the subsurface providing a year-round simultaneous supply of heating and cooling.

Digital Operating System
Minimizes electricity consumption by optimizing subsurface calories in real-time, guarantees maximal performance and reduces heat pump maintenance.

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Cost Savings

Our solution provides significant cost savings over time, leading to increased net operating income (NOI) and property value while increasing energy efficiency.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Overall energy consumption can be reduced by 70%, helping to meet 80-100% building’s heating and cooling needs, including hot water loads.

End-to-end Service Offering

Design, drilling, construction and project management, as well as assistance in applying for and securing cash and tax benefits.


Access to on-demand, renewable source of energy available Just-In-Time, when needed.


A complete turnkey solution in compliance with new building code energy efficiency regulations and eco-district strategies focused on sustainable, low-carbon construction.

Aesthetic and Silent

Aesthetic solution without external heat pumps or AC units, creating cleaner, beautiful, silent buildings, helping to enhance on-site well-being.

Energy Independence

By using 100% local energy that is available all year round, our solution reduces dependency on imported energy while also reducing demand on the utility.

We bring you the most innovative renewable energy solution for your buildings, year-round, locally and available every day of the year while dramatically reducing your costs.