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Cindy Demichel, CEO of Celsius Energy, elected as a member of the Geothermal Rising Board of Directors

  • 16 May 2023
  • By Celsius Energy


Geothermal Rising is a global non-profit association that champions geothermal energy and those who make it possible. One of its aims is to further strengthen the geothermal community. In 2024, Geothermal Rising opens up to surface geothermal energy, a sign of its growing importance in the future of the energy sector.

CEO and co-founder of Celsius Energy, Cindy Demichel will bring her unique skills and expertise to the table, particularly on the issue of heat pumps, as she will occupy this specific seat.

“My strong belief that the know-how, technology and mindset of the energy industry are key to accelerate the energy transition has driven me to found Celsius Energy. The signature of my leadership is the relentless outreach to the entire ecosystem, from policymakers to end-users, bringing the awareness of #geoenergy to the highest levels of society in France – and now applying the lessons learned worldwide, with our first large #GSHP (Ground Source Heat Pumps) project under way in Massachusetts.”

“Celsius Energy’s team in the US is strongly linked to SLB’s roots as an energy technology company on one side, and to the wide ecosystem of the building heating and cooling industry on the other. As a new member, I will bring these two facets to the GRC board: the strong support of a large industrial group, committed to scaling up all types of geothermal energy in America and beyond, and the enthusiasm and openness of an innovative startup with boots on the ground, where the end users are.”

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