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Celsius Energy at “1000+ Solutions for Cities”

  • 15 January 2022
  • By Celsius Energy


On January 14, the Solar Impulse Foundation in partnership with Schneider Electric inaugurated the “1000+ Solutions for Cities” exhibition. The mayor of Grenoble was also present at the event, where SLB was represented by Chairman France and Director SLB New Energy Europe Olivier Peyret, and Celsius Energy CEO & Co-founder Cindy Demichel. ​​​​​​​

Open to the public from January 17 to April 1, the exhibition is located in Schneider Electric’s new R&D campus—IntenCity—which claims the distinction of being one of the most sustainable buildings in the world.

The opening of the event was live-streamed on LinkedIn by Schneider, when Cindy Demichel explained the Celsius Energy solution to the Schneider Electric CEO and Solar Impulse Chairman and Founder at the inauguration.

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Celebrating proven solutions for reducing environmental impact

The exhibition explains the challenges related to decarbonization of cities and showcases 26 solutions that are already available for deployment. It comprises six themes: Buildings, Infrastructure, Consumption & Production, Waste & Recycling, Mobility, and Grid & Energy.

“Cities are responsible for 75% of our global greenhouse gas emissions; this is shocking but encouraging at the same time,” commented Solar Impulse Foundation Chairman and Founder Bertrand Piccard. “If most of our problems are concentrated in cities, so are the solutions. If we manage to decarbonize cities, reduce their energy consumption, and minimize their waste, we are already making huge strides in the fight against climate change.”  

Other Solar Impulse solutions presented alongside Celsius Energy in the Buildings section are GramithermCoolRoofReWoodHarmony Wireless Battery-Less InterfaceWind TulipsSOPRA XPSSageGlass, and 3D Printing Construction.

Celsius Energy’s ready-to-implement solution

Buildings are among the biggest contributors to climate change. Efficient solutions exist for construction materials, space and water heating with renewable energy, and optimization of energy and fuel consumption for lighting, air conditioning, and other services. Celsius Energy’s solution uses clean geoenergy for heating and cooling buildings, reducing emissions and energy consumption.

“We are happy to be one of the few solutions selected for this exhibition in the Buildings theme. And it is a real honor for us to be able to present our geoenergy solution among like-minded innovators ready to make a difference in reducing the environmental impact of cities,” says Celsius Energy CEO & Co-founder Cindy Demichel. “As we expand our operations in France, Europe, and internationally, the opportunity to present our solution to a large and enthusiastic audience is welcome.”

In the exhibition, a model of Celsius Energy’s Clamart demonstrator, which has been in operation for a year on the SLB campus, shows the installation of the solution. Multimedia exhibits enable visitors to discover more.

Part of a large ecosystem

The Solar Impulse Foundation’s mission is to accelerate the energy transition through clean, efficient, and profitable technological solutions. Grenoble’s designation as European Green Capital 2022 makes it eminently suitable for this exhibition. The European Commission’s “Green cities—fit for life” initiative aims to encourage sustainability in European cities of more than 100,000 inhabitants. ​​​​​​​

“With Celsius Energy, SLB marks its presence in the exhibition, which places technology at the heart of solutions for the city of tomorrow. The tomorrow that can be a reality today with these clean and efficient solutions fully operational in many places. The 18 “Made in France” solutions of the 26 selected for this exhibition showcase the incredible strength of our ecosystem in France, which allows us to develop partnerships between startups, major research organizations, and industry. This ecosystem fosters and accelerates innovations for decarbonization and the energy transition,” notes Chairman France and Director SLB New Energy Europe Olivier Peyret. “The participation of SLB as an important player in this ecosystem demonstrates the success of a dynamic collaboration with regional partners over the years, seeding a future of even greater opportunities.”

Each year since 2006, the European Green Capital award has rewarded and promoted a city that has distinguished itself by its proactive and concrete actions in favor of the environment and its inhabitants’ quality of life.

Visit the Exhibition

If you are passing through Grenoble in the coming months, take the time to visit the exhibition for an immersive and interactive experience!

The exhibition runs every day from January 17 to April 1.

Three slots are available each day, at 4:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m., and 6:30 p.m., for visits of 20- to 45-min duration.

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