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Celsius Energy Highlights of 2022: Inspirational Moments

  • 02 March 2023
  • By Celsius Energy


In 2022, inspiring moments helped lead the way. Read our third in a three-part series highlighting some of Celsius Energy’s many most inspiring moments.

Celsius Energy Was Inspired & Inspired Others

Throughout 2022, Celsius Energy gave back to the community through sharing and spreading the word about geoenergy technology. Along the way, community members also pushed us to move forward in the best ways possible.

Celsius Energy Cultivated Virtuous Partnerships

Solar Impulse Foundation Campaigning

Last year, we campaigned with the Solar Impulse Foundation, a carrier of solutions for a low-carbon world. We campaigned to deploy the low-carbon building innovations people need. We also got involved in the sector and one of our employees, Hélène Hofmann, was elected onto the board of the AFPG Bureau.

Supporting Unission(s) in Support of Low-Carbon-Living

We signed Unisson(s) charter, furthering our support of low-carbon and living architecture.

Energy Transition Success for Youth

We created the Celsius Energy Prize for Energy Transition with the CGénial Foundation to promote interest in STEM disciplines among young people.

Leadership Through Inspiring Messages

Reaffirming Our Culture of Diversity

Celsius Energy’s values include holding diversity to high standards through an international team comprised of and open to all genders, orientations and ages, from youth to coach to decades of experience.

In 2022, Celsius Energy affirmed our values ​​of diversity on International Women’s Day with the signing of the real estate parity charter known as ASPIM.

We aimed to create cohesion because we were growing exponentially and onboarding many new talents in the company this year. Our diversity has developed into a defining characteristic of Celsius Energy.

Inspired by Bertrand Piccard

Bertrand Piccard visited us at Celsius Energy on March 31, 2022. Piccard is an explorer and a climate activist. He was the first to demonstrate that you could fly around the world in a solar-powered plane, the Solar Impulse.

He met with us, sharing the same thoughts he shared with us two years ago, in 2020, where he urges the world to “Be inspired by…” climate-friendly initiatives.

What he said in 2020 was, “Can the environment be protected profitably in creating enthusiasm in the population without any sacrifice? [Yes.] And this is why I love your Celsius project.”

Celsius Energy’s 2022 Summer Event

We hosted our second annual Summer Event, unifying a variety of members of the construction industry. We mobilized our ecosystem for the event to thrive. The event focused on low-carbon building and got a variety of industry heads talking about some of the best solutions, namely geoenergy.

The event lasted from June 13 to 23, 2022, featuring displays from the 1000+ solutions for cities exhibition, visits to the Celsius Energy pilot facility, round tables and more. It attracted over 300 visitors and 120 real estate value chain organizations. We also invited public school children to learn about low-carbon building solutions during the event.

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