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Optic 2000 Group Headquarters to Reduce Carbon Emissions by 71% with Geoenergy

  • 10 February 2022
  • By Celsius Energy



CLAMART, FRANCE, February 10, 2022—The Optic 2000 group and Celsius Energy are partnering to implement a shallow geothermal energy solution at the group’s headquarters in Clamart. Celsius Energy will install a system that uses the Earth’s energy to provide low-carbon heating in winter and sustainable cooling in summer.

The system will supply 54% of the building’s heating needs and 44% of its cooling needs, thereby reducing energy consumption by 38% and cutting CO2 emissions by 71%. Work will begin in March 2022, and the project is expected to be operational by October.

From left to right: Florence Jobic-Bouchard, Facilities Manager Optic 2ooo group, Benoît Jaubert, Managing Director Optic 2000 group, Jean-Didier Berger, Mayor of Clamart, Jean-François Réal, Vice-president Optic 2000 group, Cindy Demichel, CEO and co-founder Celsius Energy, Olivier Peyret, Chairman France & Director SLB New Energy Europe, and François Le Got, Deptuy Mayor of Clamart in charge of Sustainable Development at the Optic 2000 group headquarters. ©Vincent Colin

Geoenergy, Drawn From the Earth for Low-Carbon Buildings

Occupying more than 12,000 m2, the headquarters of the Optic 2000 group—which brings together the three brands Optic 2000, LISSAC, and AUDIO 2000—houses offices and an assembly shop for a workforce of 450. Currently, a conventional system comprising two gas boilers and cooling units provides heating and air-conditioning.

Geoenergy, or shallow geothermal energy, is the only continuous, local, and controllable renewable resource for heating and cooling buildings. Capturing this energy from depths of up to 200 m, the Celsius Energy solution combines a heat exchanger (on deviated probes for a small footprint), heat pump, and digital control system to optimize energy production and consumption.

Advancing the Energy Transition

Heating and cooling of buildings is responsible for 22% of CO2 emissions in France. To achieve carbon neutrality in their real-estate holdings by 2050, companies face a huge challenge.

By connecting its buildings to geoenergy, the Optic 2000 group will drastically reduce CO2 emissions as well as energy costs at its headquarters. The group is the second economic player in Clamart to choose sustainability through geoenergy, helping make Clamart a model city at the forefront of ecological transition.

The new solution combines local energy, carbon reduction, and energy efficiency—three strategic pillars of the energy transition proposed by the International Energy Agency and RTE, the French electricity transmission system operator.

A New Chapter in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy of Optic 2000

This ambitious project is a bold addition to the initiatives already implemented by the Optic 2000 group that demonstrate its commitment to reducing its environmental and societal impact.

The geoenergy system for year-round thermal comfort complements the group’s current CSR policy, which promotes concrete actions on a daily basis. These include reducing excess packaging when shipping frames and contact lenses (a reduction of 75,000 plastic bags and 125,000 packing boxes per year since 2021), recovering display eyeglasses (more than 50 metric tons sorted, collected, and recycled since 2015), and partnering with SEA2SEE to market an eyewear collection made from plastic waste recovered from the ocean.

In addition, the company has implemented waste collection programs throughout France via its retail stores and encouraged employees to consider alternative modes of transportation by installing electric terminals in the parking lot, loaning cars and e-bikes for business trips, and implementing a mileage allowance for bicycles. Windows throughout the head office have been replaced to improve the thermal and acoustic comfort of employees while simultaneously lowering energy consumption.

About Optic 2000

The Optic 2000 group is a key player in the optical and hearing aid markets. It has 1,148 Optic 2000 stores, 233 LISSAC stores, and 210 AUDIO 2000 centers, with sales of €797 million, €111 million, and €38 million, respectively, including tax. The brands respond to the needs of a constantly evolving society and focus on innovation to improve visual and auditory comfort for all.

About Celsius Energy

Founded in 2019, Celsius Energy is a startup of SLB. A recipient of the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label, its shallow geothermal energy system has also been recognized by the UN as one of the 50 most promising solutions for the future of climate worldwide. Its geoenergy system is among the “1000+ clean and profitable solutions” identified by the Solar Impulse Foundation and one of the 50 most promising solutions recognized by the UN for mitigating climate change. Its pilot installation can be seen from its main building in Clamart, France.

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